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Be ready for the first chance ever to be a management trainee of Sands Talk Indonesia. 在一起, 有未来 。


It is not an unpaid internship, for sure

Sands Talk Indonesia has competitive salary package plus other benefits for you.


First, we need Mandarin speakers

Bachelor degree is a must, but having a Mandarin certification would be a plus.

Job Descriptions

We hire for all departments across our companies

You will learn to be the future leaders, giving suggestions, and contributes to the team.


Sands Talk Indonesia is one of the biggest tech company group management in Indonesia

Not only for having worldwide-known brands, but also huge in business size. One of them is in the top 16 biggest in the world, and the other, you’ll just know it when you see it.

Always-expanding large company groups

We support big companies and we are currently expanding to more industries. Oppo and J&T Express are two among other companies within Sands Talk Indonesia’s support. Since 2001, Oppo has expanded the business to 50+ countries including Indonesia. J&T Express has received Indonesia Top Brand Award in 2018 & 2019, valuating in USD 20 billion has brought it to be top 16 biggest worldwide.

Encouraging career and personal development

We consistently strive for the best, accept challenges, create big opportunities, and learn a lot from anyone and anything. People training and development is strongly promoted not only for employees but also all other stakeholders: business partners and even our customers. We will never be quiet satisfied in our own growth because there will always be something else to achieve and to learn from.

Perfect working environment across all business units

Chinese corporate culture is adaptable to the very best of Indonesian values and local customs resulting in a brand new and unique work environment and culture. We always have extra room for innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Always eager to learn and adapt is the key to provide the same quality and opportunity for all.

Celebrating equality, inclusivity, and diversity for all

Our better future depends in togetherness. 在一起, 有未来 。Any differences are not the obstacles in creating our better future but the energy for moving and growing towards the bright future. Discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance has no place in Sands Talk Indonesia as we believe that unity, despite of our differences, will lead us in the worst and best moments.


MatchaTalent is Sands Talk Indonesia’s exclusive hiring partner

We have a lot of experiences in hiring the top talents for various companies of diverse industries in Southeast Asia countries.

Hiring the best for the best with speed and accuracy

MatchaTalent has always been connecting and collaborating with the best company in accomodating the best talents out there.

Trusted by company, favored by talents, always worthwhile

We have developed many ways to serve our company client and talents better since the beginning of our service to gain trust and credibility.

Assuring the most pleasant recruiting experiences for all

Before, during, and even after the recruitment process, MatchaTalent takes care of both company and talents with extra guarantee.

No hidden cost, no worry and drama needed

All clients and talents have nothing to lose as we ensure fair play. Everybody wins, everybody is happy. Isn’t that wonderful to see?

Some of companies hiring with us

Get your early chance to be one of the management trainees we need.


1. Bachelor degree

2. Open for fresh graduates with no more than 3 years of working experience

3. Able to speak and write in English and Mandarin

4. Having mandarin certification (HSK level 4 or above) would be a plus

5. Willing to participate and fulfill the Management Trainee program, including classes, activities, workshops, and field trainings

6. Willing to be evaluated regularly

7. Outspoken and vocal, able to give suggestions for improvement

8. Having excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills

9. Having good proficiency in Microsoft Office apps

Job Descriptions

1. Fulfilling the ordered task as required

2. Joining workshop and training session

3. Willing to give feedbacks or suggestion to develop the company

4. Fulfilling the administration tasks

5. Contributing as a team player in each department

“When you’re a manager, you work for your company. When you’re a leader, your company works for you.”

― Stan Slap

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Get your early chance to be one of the management trainees we need.